Drew Johnson
Austin, TX
(512) 627-6972


I am a skilled 2D video game artist with expertise in concept art, user interface, illustration, and branding. I have five years of experience in the video game industry, with projects ranging from MMORPGs to Social and Mobile Games. Outside the video game industry, I have experience creating story boards, matte paintings, illustrations, company branding, and fine art.

My strengths include: synergizing with a team, bringing new ideas to a project, working under a deadline, and strong communication skills. I have held leadership positions including overseeing projects and off-site teams. I am seeking a position that allows me to utilize my talents while offering opportunities to expand my skill set.

Skill Set

Areas of Expertise

  • Concept Art
  • User Interface Design
  • Game Identity
  • In-Game 2D Assets
  • 3D Modeling & Texturing
  • Illustration
  • Leadership and Management


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Z Brush
  • Corel Painter


Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication, Cedar Park, Texas
Visual Arts & Communication Diploma with Distinction, Four Year Program, 2008

Employment History

Sneaky Games Austin, TX………………..May 2011 – Dec 2013
Lead Concept Artist for social and mobile games
I progressed from a contract position, to permanent employee, to art lead. Working as part of a small company has allowed me to perform in multiple roles. My project and duties have included:
– Arena of Heroes: Environment Concepts, Character Concepts, UI Design, Icon Art, Game Identity
– Fantasy Kingdoms: Flash Animation, In-Game 2D Assets, Outsource Management
– Vampire Legacies: UI Design, Flash UI Implementation
– Cloud Village: UI Concepts, Character Concepts, In-Game 2D Assets
– SyFy Monster Island: Flash Animation, In-Game 2D Assets, UI Design, Flash UI Implementation,
Outsource Management

Meta 3D Studios Austin, TX………………..July 2010 – May 2011
Contract Artist for social and mobile games
I worked as an artist in a contracting studio creating in-game assets and environments for Facebook
games. Additionally, I created backgrounds, concepts, and UI design for indie 3D games.
– Cruise Time: Art Direction, Concept Art, In-Game Flash Assets, Icon Art
– Fantasy Kingdoms: In-Game 2D Assets, Flash Animation
– Baby So Beautiful: UI Concepts, Environment Concepts, 2D Backgrounds
– Days of Wrath: Game Concepts, UI Concepts

Image Group Portland, OR………………..Oct 2009 – Dec 2009
Contracted Illustrator
I illustrated religious imagery in a historical context for an DVD documentary set. I worked directly with the client under fast paced deadlines. The project required me to accurately depict period attire, architecture, and culture based on reference material and descriptions provided by the film makers.

Bioware Austin, TX May………………..2008 – Oct 2009
Contracted Concept Artist for AAA MMO
I produced concept art for “Star Wars The Old Republic”, a MMORPG created by Lucas Arts and Bioware. Concepts included props, interior elements, weapons, vehicles, and buildings. I progressed from a part time contract to a full time contract, and subsequently had my contract extended a second time.

Radioactive Labs Austin, TX………………..Aug – Dec 2007
Contracted Visual Effects Artist
I composed matte paintings and frame by frame paint-overs for the after effects in “Powder Blue,” a
major motion picture starring Patrick Swayze, Forest Whitaker, Jessica Biel, and Ray Liotta.

Meta 3D Studios Austin, TX………………..July – Aug 2007
Contract Artist
I created 2D backgrounds and 3D textures for an unreleased 3D children’s animation.

Radioactive Labs Austin, TX………………..April 2007
Art Intern
I modeled and textured 3D assets for the MMO “Kaneva”.

Fantastic Magic Camp Austin, TX………………..2001 – 2013
Marketing Director / Camp Director
I started with the camp as a Counselor for kids 6-12, and was later promoted to a staff position. As a staff member, my duties expanded to include being in charge of all art and marketing for the camp. I became a Camp Director in 2008, which meant being in charge of all camp operations, including managing staff, training, and being the main point of contact for customers. In 2011, I ceased any full time duties, but still created the marketing art and served on the camp’s Scholarship Committee until 2013.